Night time musings…

So Hurricane Boy, Mr Giggles and Handy Hubby have all gone to bed and I find myself awake, alone and free!

The house is tidy (at least enough for me to be able to sleep tonight), there IS a sink full of dishes to be done and bottles to be made up but, I essentially have the house TO MYSELF!

What do you do when the house is asleep??? I like to catch up on my shows. Crappy, no brainer pay tv is a dirty little secret of mine 🙂 I record them as they play and watch them late at night, uninterrupted and usually with some form of unhealthy, chocolatey snack beside me.

See that?! Two birds with one stone! I get to enjoy my shows without being interrupted by either child or the hubby AND I get to enjoy the sneaky treats without having to hide in a cupboard.

Do you have any late night habits?

Nursey Mum


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