Is it nap time yet??

I dont know about you, but I absolutely LOVE nap time. Dont get me wrong, I adore my children and miss them dearly when I’m not with them but lets face it, having two children under the age of three is difficult.

There’s the almost constant supervision that Hurricane boy is needing at the moment due to his penchant for getting past “child proof locks’ and raiding either the fridge or the pantry. Or Both! And Mr Giggles is about to start crawling so I find my self not wanting to wander too far just in case he actually does crawl.

But today I seem to be having a bit of luck. Not only have both the boys gone down for naps AT THE SAME TIME, but I’ve been able to make the beds, fold some clean clothes, get another load of washing onto the line, eat lunch AND work on this post. I’m sorta feeling like a Supermum at the moment.

Even if I wasn’t able to be all that stuff done, nap time would still be my favourite part of the day. Because when the boys are asleep, I find myself wanting to just watch. Just watch them sleep, breathe and snore. There’s just something about a sleeping baby that says angel and innocence.

My peaceful little man

My peaceful little man

Not a care in the world

Not a care in the world


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