Home Alone

So I’ve stumbled on some good luck and have found myself sans kidlets for the day. My mother has taken the boys so I can have some child free time.

I know what your thinking, PARTY TIME!!! She must be taking time to pamper herself, read a good book, DO NOTHING. Ahh, No.

Instead I’ve taken it upon myself to clean, shop and I will be sleeping this afternoon as i have to work tonight.

I’ve danced round the house singing along to Gangnam Style while vacuuming. I went a little OTT with the shower cleaner and nearly passed out (Gave myself a cracker of a headache in the process). I’ve nearly killed myself after slipping over on some wet Lino in the kitchen. And finally, realised that there is a reason I don’t clean the house regularly.

After doing a bit of groceries, I find myself substantially poorer. I’ve now had some lunch and am off to have a short kip before work tonight.

What do you do when your kid free??

Nursey Mum


3 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Sharon

    LOL, I do EXACTLY the same thing…..especially cleaning the shower- I swear I loose my sense of smell for the rest of the day. I did LOL picturing you doing that 🙂
    Have a good night shift babe!!

  2. Brooke

    I go to Coles. I load up on blue cheese, crackers, and bottles of wine. I set myself up on the lounge, and I watch DVD after DVD.For this is the only time I am not watching abc for kids or his batman DVDs.
    I proceed to get quite hammered, then decide to put my favorite music on and dance naked around the house (wine in hand of course).Then, I fall into bed sleep like a baby. Although, I don’t know just how accurate that saying really is.


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