On the Move

Mr Giggles is just past 7 months old and is looking like he’ll be on the move very soon. Up until now, like most babies, he’s essentially been a lump. A very cute, absolutely adorable lump. But a lump nonetheless. And unless you gave birth to baby Einstein, I challenge any parent to call them otherwise. I don’t know of any baby out there that emerged from the womb talking, walking and telling its parents off. And I’ve seen a lot of babies.

But I digress… Mr Giggles has very quickly gone from rolling front to back, to  being on all fours, rocking back and forth and somehow doing this weird commando type face plant thingy. It’s quite cute really.

So with Hurricane Boy tearing up the house from the moment he’s awake and an infant that will be on the move very soon, my two gorgeous boys will be taking over the house. Even more so. And it will be every thing Handy Hubby and myself can to do hold onto the very small shreds of sanity we have left.

I’m actually contemplating buying a playpen and just sitting in it – just letting the boys have the run of the house. Sort of my own little place of solace. I’ll deal with the mess once they get married and move out.

While I cant wait to see Mr Giggles crawling, a little part of me wants to just stop time. Just right at this moment. Stop him from growing up. Stop him from crawling, talking and walking. Stop him from moving out, having a girlfriend (or boyfriend – if that’s what he wants) and starting a family. Not because I don’t want him to be happy. Not at all. I want everything in the world for him. For them both. It’s purely for my own selfish reasons. They are babies for such a short while. It goes too fast. And I don’t want to lose that.

Once I pull myself out of my funk and accept the fact that no matter what I do, they will grow and that I can’t do anything to stop that. I realise that if they did stay babies for ever, I’d miss out on all the good things. The growing up,the learning and developing. That’s were the real fun lies! Hopefully I don’t go stir crazy in the process!

Nursey Mum


3 thoughts on “On the Move

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      It’s bitter sweet. On one hand, its so exciting and amazing watching these little people that we created, grow up. On the other, I just want them to stop. Stay babies forever. But I must admit, from this age onwards is so much fun! Seeing them develop there own little personalities, likes and dislikes. It’s just amazing!


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