Tales from the Emergency Department

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m a Nurse. I recently went back to work after having Mr Giggles and after close to 10 months off it feels like I never left. While I was gone there was some major changes to the department made, so going back was potentially going to be a challenge. But after a few hours, it was like riding a bike.

Time to dispel some myths…

1: Coming to an Emergency Department in an Ambulance DOES NOT guarantee you will automatically get a bed and seen by a doctor straight away. You will get assessed and treated just like any other joe blogs who walked in off the street.

2: Private health insurance in a public hospital DOES NOT guarantee you a single room when your admitted to hospital. Single rooms in public hospitals are reserved for patients who have a condition that may be infectious to other people on the ward. Single rooms are also used for patients that are extremely unwell and that are very close to death in order to afford them and their families some peace.

3: Emergency departments are busy. Patients are not seen on a first come, first serve basis. There is system called triage and it is used to allocate a waiting time to patients based on the severity of their illness. Those patients that are the sickest will be seen sooner than those who present with a simple ailment.

4: The people who work in Emergency Departments are HUMAN. The doctors, nurses, clerks, cleaners, porters, pharmacists, security, volunteers and technicians – we are all human. We have bad days at work just like any one else. The only difference is that our bad days usually mean the difference between life and death. We are all trained, some have attended university, but most importantly we are there because we care. We do our jobs to the best of our ability. That’s the least any one can expect.

I’m going to try and put up a weekly “Tales from the Emergency Department” post. Just a few words about what I do and some of the interesting, occasionally humorous and hopefully enlightening cases I come across.

Nursey mum


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