Tantrums Galore!

O.M.G!!! Something has clicked over in Hurricane Boy’s head and it seems that the “Terrible Twos” have really hit in the past couple of weeks. In all honesty, the “challenging” behaviour started around 18 months when he was becoming independent. But surprisingly enough, he hasn’t been too bad. Until recently…

Any number of things could set Hurricane Boy off, and it usually ends in screams, bright red faces, tense bodies, the nashing of teeth and the pulling of hair. Hurricane Boy isn’t much better…

He wants cereal instead of weet bix.

He wants juice instead of milk, or water or anything.

He wants a red wiggle yoghurt. No make it a yellow one. No, now it’s a blue one.

He wants to watch his “Train” DVD instead of ABC.

He doesn’t want to sleep in his bed.

He wants to sleep in his bed.

He did a poo in his nappy.

He wants to do a wee before his shower.

He wee’d in the shower/bath.

He doesn’t want a shower, he wants a bath.

He doesn’t want a bath, he wants a shower.

Mummy and or Daddy won’t share.

Mr Giggles is drooling on the carpet on the other side of the room, where one of his toys were.

Mr Giggles farted, or smiled, or laughed, or breathed.

The dog farted.

The dog breathed.

A fly flew past him.

As you can see, life in my house has become interesting to say the least. If this child makes it to his third birthday without suffering from some sort of spontaneous combustion event, it’ll be a small miracle.

Nursey Mum


6 thoughts on “Tantrums Galore!

  1. Have a laugh on me

    What a crack up – that sounds like my 3 year old – except he doesn’t tantrum he cries and gets so upset, it’s my 16 month old that screeches full tit and then throws himself on the ground!! Em x

      1. Have a laugh on me

        I truly believe my neighbours think I’m one of those feral mums who is horrible to her children because the amount of screaming and crying that goes on here is ridiculous! Glad I found your blog 🙂

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