When Nursey Mum fails….

You might remember when I talked about tantrums in the household, you can read about it here, we’ll it seems that all those tantrums were the result of the current ear infection that was brewing. Whoops!

I ignored my Nursey instincts that were telling me something wasn’t right and just put it down to a developmental milestone. BIG whoops! We’ve since been to the GP and prescribed some antibiotics but it doesn’t make me feel any better. Not only did let my little boy suffer for all that time but I ignored my inner Nurse!

That is something I have struggled with since becoming a mum. When to listen to my inner nurse and when to just be a mum. I don’t want to be an over-reacting mother but then I also don’t want to leave things too late because my inner nurse tells me that its “nothing”.

I guess I’ll just have to chalk this one up to  experience and remind myself for future reference. If it looks like a bug, smells like a bug then it’s probably gonna need antibiotics.

Nursey Mum


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