Baby Food…

The veg in the bottom of the fridge has started to look a little sad and sorry for itself. So once a fortnight or so, I like to take advantage of this woeful looking food and sacrifice it to the baby gods.

Mr Giggles has only got 3 meals left, so today I took to the veges like a mad woman!


It works out cheaper than a diet full of store bought food alone and I’m happier knowing exactly what he’s eating. He still has the odd jar of baby food but its not for every meal.

Today I sacrificed a sorry looking cauliflower, some broccoli, a sweet potato that was taking root, some potatoes and a few carrots.



Its all boiled and then blended up together and this is the result:


I then add a bit of protein such as either chicken breast or beef mince. This week I’m doing both and I’ll add these to the veg so that I have a batch with beef and a batch with chicken in it.


Mmmmm purée mince meat

And finally the finished product!


Hopefully he eats it!
Nursey Mum

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22 thoughts on “Baby Food…

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      Yeah, I know! I was also finding that Mr Giggles was turning his nose up at a lot of the store bought ones. Pleased to say he’s never refused a meal made my mummy 🙂 thanks for dropping by! X

  1. Rachel

    Gosh that brought back some memories! I used to do that too and loved it becuase it was both economical and healthy. I still do big cook ups for the freezer for my 3 boys – except these days its sapghetti sauce or beef casserole! I feel so much better knowing I’ve got a couple of “back-up” meals for busy nights 🙂 I’m sure Mr Giggles wil enjoy all your hard work.

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      I need to do a bit of a cook up and out some meals in the freezer. Because I work 2 night shifts a week, dinner time can be a bit hectic. Just finding the time is a problem 😦

  2. robomum

    This story brought back good memories for me too. I’m big on freezing and it’s such a healthy option for little ones. If it gets boring, sprinkle a little parmesan on it.
    Your post made me think of all the fruit and vegetables I have wasted over the years.
    I’m better at it now but sheesh, I’ve thrown a huge amount of good food. ;(

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      I try to use it all, and we buy it from a green grocers not woolies or Coles – so it lasts and lasts. I still find something’s are thrown out. I can never find a good recipe for zucchini and mushrooms other than just pan frying!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. rhian @melbs

    Oh I remember the days of doing this. Not that long ago really but seems like it was, I am so glad he just gets on and eats what we are having now he’s a bit older much less hassle, but just as messy.
    Lovely to stop by your blog. 🙂

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      Second time round things move so quickly second time around. Mr Giggles is 9 months old, soon-ish I’ll be able to stop doing it and he’ll eat what we are having. I cant wait!
      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Robyn

    I love knowing what’s in my bubs food and the big cook up is quite satisfying too!! AND I thunk it tastes much better than the jars! Good work mum x

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      I agree Robyn! All the jar food seems to taste the same! Your right about the satisfying feeling afterwards though. The only thing i find disapointing is, with all that veg that i cooked up – I only got 17 servings out of it. I thought I’d get a bit more. 😦
      Thanks of dropping by!

  5. Kyla @ Three Quarters Full

    I do the same with the slightly sad looking vegetables but these days it’s lasagne or soup for the freezer. I think once they add meat to those jar meals they’re kinda gross, D used to turn his nose up at them but would happily eat what I made.

  6. Have a laugh on me

    I must save I don’t miss those days – it took me forever and my boys were such big eaters I felt like I was also boiling pureeing etc! Love the pics though. I used to add cheese sauce for a treat also – YUMMO x

  7. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    Oh man, you are way more organised than I’ve ever been! Plus you have a lot more veg in your fridge than e ever do! Lol! I am so lazy when it comes to cooking for Mia, most of it is steamed veggies and some form of meat, diced up on a plate. Or i’m really lazy I resort to the fish fingers or scrambled eggs with ham!

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      It’s really only for the little one. Hurricane Boy has become quite picky about food so most nights – he gets what I know he’ll eat. Usually sausages and some form of pasta. At the moment Mr Giggles will eat everything. Yay!


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