Wordless Wednesday: Walks to School

Two days a week we walk to Hurricane Boy’s (pre) school. I find it wears Mr Giggles out just enough so that going down for his morning nap isn’t as much as a screaming match as normal. Hurricane Boy enjoys the walk as well. It’s quite literally 2 streets away, so nice and close for this excercise-phobic mummy 🙂


Ready for School


Mr Giggles and mummy ready to go



There are some lovely front yards on the way

Linking up with Trish from My Little Drummer Boys for Wordless Wednesday



10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Walks to School

  1. Kimba Likes

    I love my walk to school in the morning – I get a few gorgeous gardens because we’re a bit more urban than you, I think. But we also get lots of lovely cafes and op shops and boutiques and bakeries and design stores to ooh and aah over the window displays. Plus it is great exercise! x

    1. leighleigh22 Post author

      We enjoy it as well. Unfortunately out here in the ‘burbs it’s just houses. No lovely shops to ooh and ahh over 😦 am so devo’d. Would love to live closer to the city so we could enjoy the odd cafe or three 🙂 thanks for dropping by! X

  2. Have a laugh on me

    If we walk or wheel on Wed my girl gets stickers at school and eventually gets some prize, so we’re doing it each week, and I love it! Just harder with 2 wee boys being dragged along right?


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