About Me


Im Nursey Mum, I’ve been a Nurse for the last 8 years and I LOVE IT! I work in the Emergency Department of a major Sydney Hospital. I’ve been there for the past 5 years and I work with an amazing bunch of people.

I married the love of my Life in 2007 and together we are raising 2 beautiful sons – Hurricane Boy and Mr Giggles. They are the light of our lives and fill our home with love and laughter.

I love all things Coffee, books, music and movie related. Im a self confessed Twilight, Hunger Games and Harry Potter lover.

I call it like it is, I have a tough outer shell but can be a big softie as well, I love to laugh, I count my friends as family, I love the odd glass of wine and I dont take any shit.

I’m a Nurse, Wife and Mum. Attempting to raise 2 boys while tackling life’s challenges with Handy Hubby. All with the aid of a steaming cup of Coffee.


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