Stories of Me: Keeping Warm…

When I think about “Keeping Warm” I automatically think of wearing Handy Hubby’s track suit on a cold winters day, sitting in front of a heater with the boys around me and steaming mug of coffee in hand. The rain is pelting on the windows, its cold and miserable outside but inside it’s toasty, cosy and home. We’re all snuggled up on the lounge, under a blanket and rugged up.

Or laying in bed, snuggled up to Handy Hubby having a cuddle, the house is quiet and dark and we’re under the doona all toasty and warm. He’s my hot water bottle.

My mind goes back to all those weekends I braved the winter weather, wrapped up in multiple layers watching Handy Hubby play soccer. Im sitting on the side lines freezing, wearing a beanie, scarf, jumper, his jacket and wrapped in a blanket. I think about the morning we watched the Olympic Torch run by. We woke up at 4 am to make sure we got the best spot. It was freezing! Again I had multiple layers on, but what I remember most is him, cuddling me so that I’d stay warm.


I think about all the family get togethers where we’re all sitting around, multiple conversations running at the same time and over the top of each other. My father in the corner, telling his latest dirty joke, mum in the kitchen and I’m surrounded by family and friends. Handy Hubby sitting beside me and I’m warm.

I eventually realise, it’s not actual physical heat that’s keeping me warm, it’s him. It’s them. My little family that we’ve created, our extended family, our friends. They are my warmth. They are my heat. They defrost me from my chilliest of moods, they bring me light and heat, they make a bad day non-existent.

And it’s on those cold, blustery, miserable days when I’m at my lowest that I remember what’s at home, the fire in my life, keeping warm.

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Wordless Wednesday: Walks to School

Two days a week we walk to Hurricane Boy’s (pre) school. I find it wears Mr Giggles out just enough so that going down for his morning nap isn’t as much as a screaming match as normal. Hurricane Boy enjoys the walk as well. It’s quite literally 2 streets away, so nice and close for this excercise-phobic mummy 🙂


Ready for School


Mr Giggles and mummy ready to go



There are some lovely front yards on the way

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Career Moves…


As a newly Graduated Registered Nurse I had wild dreams. I had plans to work in the adult system for a couple of years, try and get a job in a kids hospital in a critical care area and then move onto NETS. All I had to do was get through my New Grad year and then look for a position in an Intensive Care Unit.

8 years later and I’m working in a large Sydney based Emergency Department. My dreams of being a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse have fizzled out. And to tell you the truth… Nursing little kidlets in the ED isn’t my favourite part.

Flash back to 2004: I had gained a position as a New Graduate Registered Nurse in a small district hospital. I was excited and anxious to start my new career. The New Graduate program I had enrolled in rotated me through a series of specialities. New Graduate or Transitional Nurse programs are supervised and heavily supported programs aimed to help the newly registered nurse “transition” into a knowledgable, confident, competent practitioner.

My New Grad year had me placed in a Neurology/Stroke ward for 3 months, Cardiology for 3 months, the Emergency Department for 3 months and finally in the Intensive Care Unit for 3 months. I ended up loving the ED, much to my surprise and I finished my New Grad year with a job offer as well!

Eight years later I’m still going. I’ve done and seen a lot. A lot. And now I’ve reached a crossroads. There are two pathways I can take in order to progress. Do I go into management or education? Neither really appeal to me and the thought of further study in order to move down these paths doesn’t overwhelm me. So where to now?

Do I bite the bullet, suck it up and just enrol in a Masters degree in management or education? Do I stay in ED? Do I stay in Nursing?

A career change is out of the question. I feel I’m too old to start again and can’t see myself doing anything other than Nursing and enrolling in another uni degree that I’m not really excited about is just silly. It’s a large expense in money and time that ill probably end up dropping out of anyway. So maybe move from ED?

Midwifery has interested me since I registered but I put it on the back burner for years as I was loving ED. After having the boys, my interest has been renewed. Is a specialty change in my near future? Will I love it? Will I LIKE it? Can I manage the boys, a house, a husband and full time study? Time will tell.

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Mandatory Training…

As part of my role as a Registered Nurse, the Department of health mandates that we attend some form of annual training. This usually covers aggression management, fire and safety training, risk management and assessment and management of a sick patient. We also have “in-house” mandatory training that covers the clinical aspect of our jobs, for example annual maths tests, medication administration competency, Basic and Advanced Life Support assessments.

Today is the day for me. As I’ve been on maternity leave for the better part of last year, I have a bit of catching up to do in regards to “mandatory assessment”.

In my experience, mandatory training has never been as action packed as a normal day in the ED. It usually means I end up trying not to fall asleep, playing on my phone and walking out at the end of the day with a sore arse.


Baby Food…

The veg in the bottom of the fridge has started to look a little sad and sorry for itself. So once a fortnight or so, I like to take advantage of this woeful looking food and sacrifice it to the baby gods.

Mr Giggles has only got 3 meals left, so today I took to the veges like a mad woman!


It works out cheaper than a diet full of store bought food alone and I’m happier knowing exactly what he’s eating. He still has the odd jar of baby food but its not for every meal.

Today I sacrificed a sorry looking cauliflower, some broccoli, a sweet potato that was taking root, some potatoes and a few carrots.



Its all boiled and then blended up together and this is the result:


I then add a bit of protein such as either chicken breast or beef mince. This week I’m doing both and I’ll add these to the veg so that I have a batch with beef and a batch with chicken in it.


Mmmmm purée mince meat

And finally the finished product!


Hopefully he eats it!
Nursey Mum

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Baking Days

I’ve recently unpacked our last “kitchen” box. We’ve only been living in this house for the past 6 months but you know, I’m sure something more important than unpacking came up. Can you tell I hate unpacking?!

We’ve managed to make due with the pans we had in our “kitchen essentials” box. But since I’ve gone back to work, baked goods are becoming a necessity and 1 silicone Bundt cake mould, baking tray and square cake tin are no longer going to cut it.

For the past 4 months I’ve been nagging asking Handy Hubby to find the “baking” box so I can get my bake on. He finally found it! I’m now all panned up, I just need to find more room!

I’ve been scanning Pinterest for lots of great recipes and I’ve found a few I want to try out, so stay tuned peeps! Lots of baked goods coming!


Cheats Reece’s Pieces!


Almond Cheesecake Brownies


Mini Bacon Egg Cups


Nursey Mum

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