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Explosive prams

Saturday Morning. I’ve just finished work. I’m exhausted, have just managed to get home from work without crashing my shiny new car. All I want to do is go to bed.

Handy Hubby suggests that we head down to his old primary school’s fete. Take the boys, tire them out and be home by about lunch time.

Even though I was dog tired, I gave in. I would normally only sleep for a few hours after my last night shift anyway. It would be good for the boys to get out of the house and Saturday was shaping up to being a lovely day!

After a quick shower, we pack the kids up and throw them in the car. We head on down to the fete. It’s busy, seems like everyone in the area has come to the fete. There are kids EVERYWHERE!

As always there’s the cake stands, the sausage sizzle and games stalls but this is a fete with a difference!

There’s carnival games, a huge slippery slide (you know the ones you need a hessian sack for?), a massive book stall, a cafe AND coffee van (Heaven!), 2nd hand clothes stall, fairy floss stall, hairdresser and stage for showcasing the local talent. Oh my!

It would’ve been a good day. Would have.

As soon as we walked into the school grounds, the front tyre on the pram explodes! Rendering the whole thing useless. We couldn’t keep using it without potentially doing more damage and Mr Giggles was freaking out every time we tried to push it because we had to lay the pram back and lift up the front wheel. Just what I need!

We manage to find a replacement tyre at a local baby store and head on out. Mean while my eyes are hanging out of my head and my mood is getting worse by the second. We eventually make it home, and I make it to bed for a few hours.

Not sure why the tyre exploded but I have a distinct feeling it had something to do with Handy Hubby being “helpful” and filling the tyres with air…

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