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My Best Friend


This is a story about a very special lady. A lady who is stronger than she knows and who I’m proud to call my Best Friend.

We met 8 or so years ago, in the Emergency Department of a small district hospital. It was my first day in the department, a new rotation in my New Grad year. I was paired with Angie, she would guide me through my first day in the department and “show me the ropes”. Within an hour of our first shift together I knew I wanted to be the nurse she is.

Our friendship developed, and I was introduced to her friends. Sandy, Melly B and Chelle. Our first dinner out was to a cafe in Brighton-le-sands. Lots of talking, lots of laughing and a few drinkies.

Charli, Angie, Sandy and I (L to R)

The friendship continued to develop around our rosters with lots of late nights, copious amounts of beverages and laughs.

We were in our twenties, carefree and loving life. There was many a night of alcohol induced debauchery followed by horrendous hangovers managed by a team of dedicated nurses.

New Year 2006/2007: Before and After

Work Christmas Party 2006

Friends came and went, Chelle left us for Singapore, Melly B left us for the mountains. Charli arrived, left for the rural life and has now come back. Sandy has gone for the rural life as well and is loving it! But in all that time, Angie was there.


She watched as I got married and she was there when I left for greener pastures (she was with me when I got the job offer). I’ve been there through out her career moves and I was there when she got engaged. She was there for me through both my pregnancies and I was supposed to be there to help her down the aisle but a troubled pregnancy had me in hospital. She’s God Mother to Hurricane Boy and I stood by her as tragedy struck her family. I’ve watched as she has slowly become the person she is meant to be and is finally living the life she deserves.

She is my sister from another mother and I am proud to call her my friend. She is stronger than she knows and on the days that I’m about to lose my shit I know she’ll be there to listen to me rant, as ill be there for her.