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Baking Days

I’ve recently unpacked our last “kitchen” box. We’ve only been living in this house for the past 6 months but you know, I’m sure something more important than unpacking came up. Can you tell I hate unpacking?!

We’ve managed to make due with the pans we had in our “kitchen essentials” box. But since I’ve gone back to work, baked goods are becoming a necessity and 1 silicone Bundt cake mould, baking tray and square cake tin are no longer going to cut it.

For the past 4 months I’ve been nagging asking Handy Hubby to find the “baking” box so I can get my bake on. He finally found it! I’m now all panned up, I just need to find more room!

I’ve been scanning Pinterest for lots of great recipes and I’ve found a few I want to try out, so stay tuned peeps! Lots of baked goods coming!


Cheats Reece’s Pieces!


Almond Cheesecake Brownies


Mini Bacon Egg Cups


Nursey Mum

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A morning of fun!

Yesterday we headed out to a local indoor playland. Now I don’t normally take the kidlets to things like these as I’m not a fan of having to pay for my child to play but none the less, off we went. I thought it might be a nice treat for Hurricane Boy, with all this horrible wet weather we’ve been having he’s we’ve become a little house bound.

Off we toddle to Rainbow Playland and Kids Club. My mother had mentioned it to me a while back and I thought today was a fabulous opportunity to get the boys out of the house! It’s set back from the road and the signage isn’t the best as I drove straight past it and had to turn around. It’s set in an industrial type business park and there is only one sign mentioning the potential for children.

From the outside, it looks like its been a warehouse of sorts and they’ve converted it, there is child safe fencing and a ramp to accommodate prams. It’s bright, child focused exterior makes it hard to mistake it for something other than a child play centre. The massive sign out the front helps with that as well :).

Once in, you walk into a “cafe” style seating area with a small play area designed for under 1’s at one end and a craft room guarded by a gate at the other. Through the big brick archway adorned with animal print curtains and you walk into a large carpeted play area that is littered with kids toys. Like most other playland type places they had a range of miniature cars, prams and dolls. They also provided a jumping castle, a selection of comfy chairs and cushions, ball-room and cubby house.

Unfortunately, the play area is not fenced and the children have the run of the entire complex. That is, the can run past the counter where food and beverages are served. A potential hazard if hot beverages are involved. In the case of Hurricane Boy, I found him “disappearing” quite often as he took off exploring. While I was assured that he couldn’t get into anything, this did nothing to allay my fears. The tables and chairs are removed from the play area behind brick walls and don’t provide for any parental supervision. I found myself standing in the archway caught between watching Hurricane Boy run around and Mr Giggles sitting in his pram.

Entry was $5 per person with Mr Giggles free. The coffee was cheap and hit the spot. There was a reasonably priced, although limited menu but there was at least something for everyone.

Hurricane Boy had a ball, he was every where and in to everything. He loved the jumping castle and the cars. Despite my initial safety concerns, it was a good morning. Reasonably priced, good coffee and a range of equipment for the kidlets. We’ll be heading out there again!

Nursey Mum


This is not a sponsored post and I have not received any compensation from Rainbow Playland and Kids Club

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