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Baby Food…

The veg in the bottom of the fridge has started to look a little sad and sorry for itself. So once a fortnight or so, I like to take advantage of this woeful looking food and sacrifice it to the baby gods.

Mr Giggles has only got 3 meals left, so today I took to the veges like a mad woman!


It works out cheaper than a diet full of store bought food alone and I’m happier knowing exactly what he’s eating. He still has the odd jar of baby food but its not for every meal.

Today I sacrificed a sorry looking cauliflower, some broccoli, a sweet potato that was taking root, some potatoes and a few carrots.



Its all boiled and then blended up together and this is the result:


I then add a bit of protein such as either chicken breast or beef mince. This week I’m doing both and I’ll add these to the veg so that I have a batch with beef and a batch with chicken in it.


Mmmmm purée mince meat

And finally the finished product!


Hopefully he eats it!
Nursey Mum

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