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Spending Day!!!

Every other Thursday is payday for Nursey Mum. Therefore in the Nursey Mum household, pay day = spending day. After this mornings screams from Hurricane boy about the world his weet bix, he was off to (pre) school and Mr Giggles is spending the day with Nanny. Nursey Mum hit the shops. I know what your thinking, NOT ON A THURSDAY, but yes!


So off to the shops I go. I first hit up the Big blue W. Get my baby bum wipes (480 for $8.98). They were also having a special on baby food (the brand “with nothing else” in it), 4 for $5. Bargain! And yes, I feed Mr Giggles store bought baby food AS WELL as home made stuff and if you’ve got a problem with it, bite me 🙂

Then to the green grocer. Some avocados, tomatoes, cauliflower, pumpkin, broccoli, grapes and some pasta stuff for dinner. A fortnights worth of fruit and veg plus a bit of cold meat for $50. I’ve found that they are cheaper than going to either of the big chain stores and the produce ALWAYS lasts longer.

Last stop, a “Smarter Shopping” supermarket. And I walk out of there $60 poorer but I’ve managed to get all the essentials – yoghurts for the boys, cheese, bread, milk, sandwich spreads, butter, sugar, eggs and other stuff.

Now I’m sure some of you out there could do better, so please tell me how! I think about $140 on groceries for a fortnight to feed a family of four is pretty good as I do have little bit of a tendency to go overboard with the groceries.

Now just to put the stuff away…


Nursey Mum